Outsourcing monthly website maintenance streamlines updates, security checks, and content management. It ensures consistent functionality, faster load times, and protection against cyber threats. This enhances user experience, and sustains search engine rankings for online success. While at the same time it allows you to focus on your core business activities.

Only applicable to sites that ‘Cristeen’ has built or redesigned

See full details for the monthly website maintenance service in the product description



Monthly Maintenance – Includes:

  • updates and edits to any existing page on your website
  • additions or removals of team members on your about us page
  • contact information updates
  • additions of testimonials
  • add, change or remove photos or videos from an existing web page
  • social media information updates
  • faq updates
  • homepage video updates
  • please note this is not an exhaustive list of inclusions, there may be other things included or excluded, which will be determined on evaluation of request


Does not include time-consuming, longer, complex edits such as:

  • designing new pages
  • customizing new forms
  • editing large numbers of photos or graphics
  • site redesigns
  • large, time-consuming page edits
  • adding personal videos to the site
  • general tech support and others as may be determined


Only applicable to sites that ‘Cristeen’ has built or redesigned

Will ensure site components are maintained and updated as needed (WordPress and Elementor, any plug-ins etc)

Will update and make changes as noted above with content supplied by business

Will be billed monthly – cancel anytime

Annual rate – for savings of two months = $1,000 billed in the start of your year. If you don’t make any significant changes or updates to your content in the year, we can apply 50% of your maintenance fees to the development of a new page or refresh of an existing page.