This site has been so many things since I created it. Yoga and Fitness site. Life Coach and Mindfulness site. Travel blog.

Mostly it’s just been a testing ground for my web design.  I think it needs someone to love it more than I do.

It’s a .ca, so you have to be a Canadian or a Canadian Registered Business.




  • Domain Name is a powerful call to action, urging individuals to break free from inertia and take charge of their lives. It evokes feelings of motivation, empowerment, and a sense of adventure. The metaphorical image of a couch represents comfort and complacency, making this domain perfect for startups in the health and wellness, fitness, personal development, or outdoor recreation industries. It speaks to a target audience seeking to make positive changes and embrace new experiences. is a dynamic and memorable name that can resonate strongly with those looking to transform their lifestyle.