Domain Name Selling


Successful domain name selling requires an understanding of market trends, effective marketing strategies, and negotiation skills to maximize the value of the domain names being sold. Domain names can be valuable assets, and selling them can help recover some financial value from the assets. If the domain name is in high demand or holds substantial value, selling it can result in a profit. Maybe your business has shifted focus or direction and the domain name no longer aligns with your current business objectives or you just don’t use that domain any longer. Lets try and sell it!



A domain name can be a valuable asset, and parting with it can unlock financial value. If your domain is in high demand or holds substantial value, it could lead to a profitable transaction. Perhaps your business has evolved, and the domain no longer aligns with your current objectives. It’s time to explore the potential of selling your domain name.

Do you possess an idle domain that’s ready for a new chapter? Allow me to guide you through the domain name selling process. I offer a comprehensive service that includes listing and actively promoting your domain on my website and social media platforms (with a minimum monthly feature). While patience might be required, especially for specialized domains, a valuable domain name is poised for a successful sale.

If you choose to sell your domain through a broker, be prepared for commissions ranging from 15% to 25%. Some services offer free listings, but they lack active promotion. With us, your domain will be listed on Afternic and/or Sedo, gaining the attention it deserves.

On my platform, a nominal $50 listing fee ensures your domain is prominently featured on my site, coupled with a competitive 15% commission upon sale. Listings are active for one year or until the domain is sold.

Should your domain find its new home through a broker, my commission fee is gracefully waived.

For select domains, I go the extra mile by creating a customized one-page website or landing page. This added touch elevates interest, surpassing the generic ‘domain for sale’ template provided by Afternic/GoDaddy. If this personalized touch interests you, consider purchasing a custom landing page through my ‘Page by Page – Website Creation’ offering, and together, we’ll craft something captivating and tailored specifically to your domain.