The ‘SECRET’ services that I do for certain special clients only!
Sometimes I also have other seasonal specials.

Copywriting and Proofreading


Elevate your brand with our expert copywriting services. Specializing in crafting compelling content for websites, ads, email sequences, and more. We meticulously tailor each piece to your brand’s voice and target audience, ensuring flawless spelling and grammar. With competitive rates starting at $1.00 per word and a minimum charge of $500, we guarantee top-quality attention to projects of all sizes. Let us be your partners in delivering messages that resonate, persuade, and drive results, ultimately enhancing your brand’s impact and marketing success.


With experience as candidates and hiring managers, we can handle the entire recruitment process. We craft engaging job descriptions, post ads, and conduct initial screenings. Our expertise guides candidate recommendations and interview coordination. We emphasize swift hiring to secure top talent. Our services extend to evaluating submissions from freelancers and contractors. Partner with us to streamline your staffing needs and access the best candidates efficiently.


Domain Name Portfolio Consulting service empowers individuals, businesses, and organizations to effectively manage and optimize their domain assets. Regardless of portfolio size, tailored strategies enhance value, security, and performance. Benefit from a thorough assessment, evaluating brand alignment, market relevance, SEO potential, and legal compliance. Recommendations include consolidation, divestment, acquisition, and keyword refinement. We monitor trends for acquisition opportunities. Personalized roadmaps outline steps for ROI improvement. Confidentiality and security are important. Trust a seasoned professional for expert domain management, branding, and legal compliance. Contact me to maximize your online presence’s value.


Only available at this discounted price with the purchase of the Digital Kickstart Package.

For more details on this service please see the description for Domain Name Research 


Are you looking to sell a developed website but unsure of where to start? I can assist you with that. There are several options available to sell your online business or website. As part of my service, I will list and promote your business or website on my site and social media channels (minimum one post per month). Websites that are monetized and attract substantial traffic have a higher chance of selling successfully. While the selling process may take time, a well-established site with existing income or promising prospects has excellent potential to be sold.


Successful domain name selling requires an understanding of market trends, effective marketing strategies, and negotiation skills to maximize the value of the domain names being sold. Domain names can be valuable assets, and selling them can help recover some financial value from the assets. If the domain name is in high demand or holds substantial value, selling it can result in a profit. Maybe your business has shifted focus or direction and the domain name no longer aligns with your current business objectives or you just don’t use that domain any longer. Lets try and sell it!