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I have always been fascinated with technology, computers and the internet. I started in 1999, building websites for myself and friends, while working tech support and systems administration. Then I went back to working as a financial analyst for a long while. A scope of work that I thoroughly enjoyed. That lead into the always interesting world of business consulting. I loved it! Something new almost every day, problem solving and finding solutions to propel my clients' business success. 

One of the fundamental rules that I have learned in creating new websites or business management is that shortcuts seldom lead to success. There is no substitute for careful work and dedication if you want to create a truly successful website that stands out in the vast sea of the Internet. The same for driving your business success. 

If you have any interest in the domains I own or the websites that I create, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

I am available to lend my expertise in researching and registering your domain name or assisting you in purchasing a domain.

I am offering my services as an experienced and skilled freelancer to help you achieve your business objectives and beyond. My previous experience is as a Financial Analyst, Systems Administrator and Business Consultant. I was a designated CPA and have my MBA, as well as a few other business and technology degrees. 

I love learning new things and putting them to good use. 

Thank you for considering me.

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